Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Gardening humor

We've planted several new trees and shrubs around our house this spring, so almost every day after work we go through the ritual of trying to make sure they don't become a set of sticks poking out of the dirt. To reach the plants on the side of the house, though, we've had to connect a second hose to the first, the second being a flimsy old one that the former owners of our house left behind. It is constantly getting kinks in it, blocking the water flow.

During yesterday's watering session when the hose dried up from yet another kink, Misty suggested that we needed to replace it. "Well, as soon as you've got a new job (Misty's leaving her job — I haven't mentioned that story here yet, but I'll get to it later), we can get one," I said. "I know that sounds stupid, saying we can't even afford to buy something as inexpensive as a hose, but I just don't want to take any chances until we know for sure what your situation is going to be next month."

"No, I get it," Misty replied. "When you're jobless, you can't go spending all your money on hose."