Sunday, October 12, 2008

Unknown attention

Before the fall
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It turns out that Misty, Kendall and I were in the newspaper on Friday and we didn't even know it. Someone at chuch today said that they'd seen us there in a feature about Fresh Air Family, and we were caught by surprise.

I don't usually pay attention to the Birmingham News' Lifestyle section on Fridays because it rarely contains locally-written content. So even though I'd had the paper on my desk at work, I didn't see Susan Stickland's "Scribblers" column.

Here's a PDF of the page.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

A night out for me

Last night I went bowling with my co-workers (something I hadn't done in about a decade). I learned that Wii bowling skills do not translate to the real thing. Although I scored 211 "practicing" the night before, my two games netted scores of 66 and 105. When everything was added up, my team finished last out of the six teams we had playing. We had fun, though.

After bowling, I went to a concert at WorkPlay. I hate going by myself, but it's better than making Misty suffer through some band she's never heard of and doesn't really care to in the first place. It was an awesome show.

Crooked Fingers - 'What Never Comes' live at WorkPlay

Okkervil River - 'Our Life Is Not a Movie or Maybe' and 'For Real'