Friday, April 30, 2010

Musical talent

Emily's kindergarten class has been practicing a song for their upcoming graduation. She gave us a preview last night.

Not wanting her sister to get all the attention, Kendall sang us a song that she's learned.

Pretty impressive, considering she attended her first baseball game only a week ago. I love her interpretation of the line, "We'll root to root for the Holstein."

Why you should not let my wife babysit your kids

We've been keeping Misty's cousin's daughter Paige while her dad Trion stays at the hospital with his own father who's had a heart attack and bypass surgery. Trion will surely be proud at what Misty's been teaching his child.

Yes, that's the "Pants on the Ground" song by American Idol reject Larry Platt.

Oh, and Kendall's black eye is courtesy of running into a Wrought iron chair in the outdoor waiting area of Princeton Baptist Medical Center.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Take me out to the ball game

At the Barons game, originally uploaded by MCuthbert.

Misty and I took the girls to see a baseball game today. It was the Birmingham Barons vs. the Jacksonville Suns.

Emily's school was supposedly having a group meetup there, but we couldn't find a group. We saw her teacher, Ms. Veitch, outside the stadium, and one other kid Emily knew in the stands, but I guess everyone just sat wherever they wanted.

I was surprised at how complicated baseball seems when you find yourself trying to explain it to a 6-year-old.

Me: "If he hits the ball, but it goes backwards, that's called a 'foul,' and it also counts as a 'strike,' but only the first two times -- if he already has two strikes, more fouls are OK, but if he swings and misses, that'll be a strike, and he'll be 'out'."

Emily: "Huh?"

The game lasted only 3½ innings before it got called for rain -- which was about perfect for the girls' attention span, anyway.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

How Snow White broke my girls' hearts

Arr! Who ye gonna call?, originally uploaded by MCuthbert.

This morning we paid a visit to the Town of Mt. Laurel for the annual Mt. Laurel Spring Fling. The ads for the event touted that they'd have costumed role-players including Snow White and characters from Harry Potter and Star Wars. Unfortunately, we shared that information with the girls.

The event went OK for us for a little while. We walked through the streets looking at the wares of different vendors -- from crafts to antiques to vegetables. Kendall did a small art project and Emily jumped around in a giant inflatable bounce house. Pretty soon though, they caught on that they hadn't seen Snow White.

When we finally found the costume troupe, it turned out to be Princess Leia, a pirate, and a couple Ghostbusters. Leia was OK on the girls' list, but they were pretty irritated to find no Disney or Harry Potter characters. As it turned out, the woman dressed as Leia was also the Harry Potter menagerie -- she was planning on changing into a witch costume later on.

I tried to placate the girls with fruit smoothies, but that didn't last long. The damage was done. They were grumpy about any further suggestions, and we wound up leaving before lunch.