Thursday, February 26, 2009

There's a right way and a wrong way to make a peanut butter sandwich

I just got a call at work from Emily. She was in tears as she told me, "Mommy put peanut butter on both sides of my sandwich, and she says I have to eat it."

I explained that once you put the two pieces of bread together, the peanut butter will get on both sides, whether you spread it that way or not.

She didn't find any comfort in that reasoning, however. Emily said, still crying, "She's lost her mind. I didn't ask for it this way; she just did it."

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Since I usually can't stay up late enough for a full concert...

I got the chance to attend another sound check at WorkPlay last night -- this time from Greg Laswell, Jay Nash, Rosi Golan, and Courtney Jaye. Here's one of the videos I shot.

Courtney Jaye - 'I Need Love,' WorkPlay sound check

There are a few more videos from the other artists in my Get On With Your Nightlife blog.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sudden hailstorm while driving home

Driving home from Atlanta yesterday afternoon, Misty and I were caught in a sudden hailstorm. We pulled off to the side of the road under a bridge, but there was so much wind that it didn't offer much refuge from the pelting hail.

When we finally started driving again the conditions were very hazardous. We were driving on icy marbles. There was so much hail that it looked like snow. The cold hail on the ground was mixing with the warm air and creating a fog. Worse, it was the time of day when the sun in the west was directly in our line of sight.

We narrowly avoided a 3-car wreck which looked like it had happened only a couple minutes before we passed by. There were also reports of numerous other wrecks which temporarily shut down the highway.

I'm thankful that Misty and I made it though safely.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lunch with Hightide Blues

Today I spent my lunch break at Barnes & Noble listening to a free acoustic concert from Hightide Blues. Here's a video from the performance.

Hightide Blues - 'Dreamin' Alone,' live at Barnes and Noble

There are a couple more videos posted in my Get On With Your Nightlife blog.

I am thrilled whenever there's an opportunity for me to get video before a show (Hightide Blues is playing again tonight at WorkPlay). It's a lot more helpful for readers than saying, "here's what you missed." I was able to do something similar last week at the sound-check for Joshua Radin. Hopefully, this trend will continue.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Misty's new Southern cooking blog

Misty at The Lady & Sons
Originally uploaded by MCuthbert
Misty has started writing a new blog, which just launched today on It's called "Not Your Typical Southern Kitchen," and will feature recipes and other food-related things.

She decided on the "Not Your Typical" part because she doesn't usually cook Southern food. She grew up around it; she loves it (see photo); but it's not the primary staple of her kitchen (I almost said "our" kitchen, but who am I kidding?). So there will be some Southern cooking and plenty of other stuff.

Speaking as someone who eats Misty's cooking daily, I can attest that she is indeed a cook to be reckoned with. I have found that there are a lot of dishes I didn't used to enjoy that I now consider among my favorites -- simply because she makes them so well. As I've said before, I'm amazed that I haven't gained 20 or 30 pounds since marrying her.

Bookmark her new blog and visit it often.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Enhancing my 'Nightlife'

I've been trying to do a better job about posting more frequently in my Get On With Your Nightlife blog (and here too, in case you haven't noticed). Last week I managed to get six entries up over there, each one with video, and I'm hopeful that this trend will continue.

Today I got to go to the Birmingham Zoo for their Groundhog Day celebration. Unfortunately, Birmingham Bill saw her shadow, but it's always a fun event regardless of the outcome.

Birmingham Bill's Groundhog Day Prediciton

Video of the entire ceremony from the Birmingham Zoo's Groundhog Day celebration is available in my aforementioned other blog.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Spiders aren't so scary

For some time, Misty has been employing a scare tactic to try to keep Kendall out of places she shouldn't be going. For instance, if Kendall tries to go upstairs by herself, reaches for a vase full of flowers, or opens the kitchen cabinets, Misty will say, "Don't do that Kendall -- spiders!"

I'd been concerned that Kendall would, therefore, develop an unnecessary fear of spiders. Personally, I have no problem with the little critters, but whenever one is discovered in the house, Misty freaks out and wants me to kill it. I'd be happy just leaving them where they are (except for the rare occasion when they're poisonous). They eat bugs! Thanks, spiders!

As it turns out, Kendall seems to have landed on my side of the fence. I was playing a video game this evening when Kendall came up and thrust her hand at me saying, "Dad... bug!" I looked at what she was holding and noticed a small thread hanging down from her hand with a spider clinging to the end. Apparently, she'd found a spider by the fireplace and picked it right up, but the little guy was "more scared of her than she was of him" and was trying to escape.