Friday, February 20, 2004

Those wacky Gamecocks

From the campus of my brother's alma matter...
When the first floor east wing liaison for Preston's hall government stepped down, floor residents did their civic duty to elect a representative worthy of the office. Their selection? Trogdor.

William Mann, a second-year accounting student and Lauren Odom, a first-year biology student, appeared on the ballot next to a space for write-in candidates. Odom received four votes, Mann received eight and Trogdor received nine...

After the election results were announced last week, some Preston residents were outraged. Preston Government Secretary Chris Coyle said he "found the display disturbing and a mock of democratic principle," and that he was "disappointed in the Preston east wing."

At the government meeting Tuesday, Trogdor, represenated by an anonymous first floor east wing resident who dressed in a dragon costume made of four green towels and cardboard wings, showed up at the meeting. (full article)

If he can keep this up, Trogdor could be on his way to the White House in 2008.

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