Friday, July 16, 2004

His name says it all

Ever since my mother-in-law's hysterectomy last month, her dog has been boarding at the animal clinic where Misty works.  The dog needs a new home, but has yet to find a family to adopt him.
The first obstacle in the adoption process is the dog's name: Stopit.   Kind of gives you an idea of what to expect when you get him home.  He's a bit of a hellion.  I've heard stories of him ripping the wooden lever off a recliner and devouring steel wool pads.  And this isn't a big dog — he's a shih tzu mix.
Last week a man and his daughter stopped by the clinic looking to adopt a small, fluffy dog "like a shih tzu." Seizing this perfect opportunity, Misty directed them to her mom's dog (not mentioning his name).  The pair returned with disappointing news — Stopit wasn't the dog for them.  It seems that as they approached the run where he was being kept, they discovered him eating a dead bird.  We don't know whether he caught the bird and killed it or if it simply fell into his cage.  Either way, his little episode has earned him a longer stay at the clinic without a new family to take him home.

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