Thursday, February 24, 2005

Oh, crap

Emily has finally begun to say "Mama" on a regular basis, thus freeing me from the evil glares Misty aimed in my direction each time she tried to coax a "Mama" out of Emily only to hear a defiant reply of "Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad..." instead.

I'm worried, though, about what Emily thinks about when she says my name.

"Mama" is repeated most often during meals. I think this is because Misty feeds Emily more frequently, and she uses that time to try to teach Emily the most coveted of words.

"Dad," on the other hand, is repeated most often during diaper changes. In the same vein as Misty, I reinforced the word "Dad" over and over again as Emily lay as a captive audience on the changing table.

So while "Mama" has become associated with food, "Dad" has become associated with poop.

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