Thursday, September 22, 2005

It's busyness that's next to Godliness, right?

If you're wondering why I haven't been posting lately, it's because work has been keeping me very busy. Between unrelenting hurricane coverage, I've also tried to keep up with my usual entertainment sections.

Last weekend I took pictures at the Greek Festival and at Taste of the Summit. The week before that I did the same with Pet-a-Palooza and the Birmingham Zoo's 50th Birthday Celebration. (My apologies that Emily doesn't appear in the galleries. She went to each event with me, and her pictures will be posted later on Flickr.)

This week I've been focused two of the biggest entertainment events of the year in Alabama — Big Spring Jam and the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival. I spent a lot of time putting together iPod festival guides for each, so please download them.

Jam Guide ... Sidewalk Guide

Before you tell me that you don't have an iPod, click here and sign up to get a free iPod Nano (this really works — I've recieved a 20G iPod and a 1G Shuffle from these offers already). Even if you don't want one, you can at least help me get mine. That way, with the Nano's color graphics capabilities, I can start adding nifty site maps and other pictures to the event guides.

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