Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cute stuff my kid has been doing

I went to the matt pond PA concert last night at WorkPlay where Misty and I met our friend Chez. At one point, Chez mentioned that the Birmingham blog community needs to get together again. The topic derailed, though, as I got off on a rant about how I never write in my blog anymore.

I want to write. I keep meaning to. Something amusing, or annoying, or interesting will happen and I'll think, "I'm going to write about that later." And then I don't. Instead, I build up a mental backlog of things I intent to post-date in my blog, thereby erasing the evidence that I haven't been keeping up. The problem with doing that though, is that I'm not really fooling anyone. There's no one to fool. Most people probably gave up reading this page months ago.

For the handful of dedicated readers who check back every few days thinking, "maybe he's posted something," here's what's been going on (or, at least, here's what sort of cute stuff my kid has been doing)...

Emily's favorite scheme for rejecting food she doesn't want is to tell us that it's hot. At lunch recently, she informed me that her strawberries were hot. I tried giving her a few slices of a clementine, but she told me that it was hot, too.

Last weekend while Misty was trying to get ready for church, she thought she'd kill two birds with one stone and put Emily in the shower with her. Emily had never had a shower before, and reacted by saying "No, rain! Stop, rain!"

A couple days ago while Misty and I were getting ready for work, Emily was wandering around our bedroom looking for something to get into. She found a deck of cards on the bookshelf, and she took them out and began counting them for me. She counted one through five, then she noticed the clubs on the cards, pointed to one and said "little flowers." After that, she took a couple of the cards into the bathroom and thew them into the shower with Misty.

Speaking of flowers, Emily has taken to picking them lately. Of course, we don't have any real flowers in the yard — just dandilions and those purple weeds — but she's quite happy to pick those and bring them to her mommy.

Her sentences are becoming more complex and easier to figure out. Yesterday she sneezed, then looked at me and held up her finger and said "I'll be right back." She took off down the hallway, and when I went to see what she was up to, I found her pulling the toilet paper all the way out of the bathroom. She was just trying to tear off a piece to blow her nose, but it wasn't tearing on its own as she expected (and I'm sure it was fun to unroll, too).

Emily's favorite phrases these days are "I'll do it" and "my turn." Whether we're washing the dishes, raking the yard, or giving her a bath, Emily wants to be sure that she gets to enjoy her share of the household chores.

Every day my daughter does something new that I think is adorable. Not only do I want to share such moments, I want to preserve them. By chronicling them here, I can ensure than they hold a fond place in my memories, and I can offer Emily the opportunity to look back at just what her daddy thought of her when she was little.

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