Thursday, June 22, 2006

Rickwood Classic had its annual company outing today. We went to the Rickwood Classic — the Birmingham Barons' throwback game commemorating the city's baseball heritage at America's oldest ballpark.

I thought that since Emily had been around while her grandparents watched numerous Red Sox and Braves games, she might take some interest in the game. That didn't happen. For the most part, she just ran around the stadium and asked me where Taylor was. On the way to the ballpark, I had told he that she would get to see Taylor there and that they could play together. Unfortunatly, Emily was expecting a different Taylor.

Emily and the imposter Taylor ignore the baseball game together

We stayed for four innings. In the time we were there, I think I got to see two plays. It was too hot and too frustrating to be chasing her around for any longer. When the Barons got a home run and everyone clapped and cheered while Emily continued to show a complete lack of interest, I knew it was time to go. She loves to applaud for music, but for some reason this didn't do anything for her.

I was glad I got to try Emily out on a ball game while the company paid for our tickets. Misty and I had talked about trying to catch a game at the Hoover Met, but this pretty much answered our question as to wether or not our daughter could handle it.

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