Monday, June 04, 2007

Charlotte A. Cavatica: The Spectacular Spider-Girl

Emily talked almost non-stop as we watched Charolotte's Web yesterday. Most of her interruptions were questions about what was going on, and I began to think that maybe the movie was a little above her head. After all, when the town was so impressed about the words woven into the spider's web (which is pretty much the crux of the story), Emily didn't seem to have any concept of why such things were going on.

But understand the movie or not, she was apparently paying more attention than I gave her credit for.

This morning, on the way to day care, she told us that "They were going to kill that pig just because he was little. And that girl, she didn't want him to. And she put the pig in her jacket and took him to school, and she gave him a bottle. That was silly."

The really fun part, though, was when she told us about the spider. "Charlotte caught a fly, and she drank its blood," Emily reported. "I don't drink blood. I'd get time out."

"Yes, you'd get worse than a time out," I replied.

"Yeah, I'd get sick," Emily said. "I'd have to go to the doctor."

At this point, Misty and I were trying not to laugh, and I told Emily, "Probably not Dr. French, though. You'd have to go see a different kind of doctor if you started drinking blood."

"Well, what's her name gonna be?," she asked.

"Uh... probably 'Buffy'," I answered.

"No, we wouldn't send her to someone to kill her," Misty scolded me.

"Buffy didn't always kill the vampires," I said. "She kept Spike around, and she even dated Angel."

So here I was, having to rationalize with my wife about fictional characters involved with creatures that don't actually exist in order to establish that I wouldn't really put a stake through our daughter's chest in the event that she started drinking blood. Hopefully there won't be any phone calls from school today.

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