Saturday, June 21, 2008

Father's Day at City Stages

Here's one more video from City Stages.

Dancing to The Wailers

Emily had so much fun at the festival. She sang along to the songs she knew from The Wailers and danced like a fool during Michael Franti's performance, all the while demanding, "I want to see Flaming Lips!"

When her favorite band finally came on stage after 10 p.m., Emily wasn't disappointed. She was wide-eyed as Wayne Coyne rolled out onto the audience in a giant plastic hamster ball, confetti shot from air cannons, more than a dozen Teletubbies hopped around on stage, and huge balloons dropped on the crowd. She turned her head to me and yelled over the noise, "I love it!" That moment right there made it a perfect Father's Day.

She only made it through two songs before she started to nod off on my shoulder, but it was worth it. If you watch the two Flaming Lips videos in the post below, you'll see why.

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