Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Who gets stuck with all the bad luck?

Kendall's vocabulary progressed as follows:
1st word: Da Da
2nd word: Mama
3rd word: Bye bye
4th word: Donald Duck

Sadly, Kendall has all but given up on saying "Da Da." She calls me "Mama" now, as she calls most everything she points to "Mama." It doesn't matter if it's her big sister, a dog, or a pillow, everything is "Mama." It's her favorite person and her favorite word, and she reminds me at every opportunity.

Donald Duck cartoon shorts
However, she will acknowldge her fondness for Donald Duck. If we walk through the Disney Store at the mall, she'll point to stuffed animals and shirts featuring her favorite character and say "Daah Duck!"

Knowing it would be right up her alley, I picked out a Donald Duck DVD from the library, and last night we watched one of the shorts before bedtime. Kendall was beside herself. She had this big grin on her face and kept repeating "Duck... Duck... Duck... Duck!"

It's adorable, but I miss the brief time when she would only say my name over and over.

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