Monday, December 15, 2008

Our annual Santa visit

I had a half day off from work Friday, and we used the opportunity to take the girls to see Santa at Brookwood Mall. The benefit of going in the afternoon instead of the evening is that there was not a single person in line. With no one waiting, there wasn't a sense of urgency to speed through, so I was able to take several pictures in the hopes of hitting one we loved.

Kendall never smiled -- she just eyed Santa with a look of caution. Emily, on the other hand, was extremely cooperative with the camera.

When it came time to actually talk to Santa though, Emily got very quiet. She wasn't quite shy -- it was more like a display of reverence. She asked what kind of cookies he liked best, and Santa told her he liked all kinds. He did specifically mention chocolate chip and sugar cookies though, so it's likely we'll have to leave some of them by the fireplace on Christmas Eve.

Afterward, both girls received candy canes and coupons for a free cookie at Great American Cookie Company. Emily took one lick of her candy cane and was finished. Kendall devoured hers. The cookies, of course, were a hit for both girls.

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