Sunday, February 01, 2009

Spiders aren't so scary

For some time, Misty has been employing a scare tactic to try to keep Kendall out of places she shouldn't be going. For instance, if Kendall tries to go upstairs by herself, reaches for a vase full of flowers, or opens the kitchen cabinets, Misty will say, "Don't do that Kendall -- spiders!"

I'd been concerned that Kendall would, therefore, develop an unnecessary fear of spiders. Personally, I have no problem with the little critters, but whenever one is discovered in the house, Misty freaks out and wants me to kill it. I'd be happy just leaving them where they are (except for the rare occasion when they're poisonous). They eat bugs! Thanks, spiders!

As it turns out, Kendall seems to have landed on my side of the fence. I was playing a video game this evening when Kendall came up and thrust her hand at me saying, "Dad... bug!" I looked at what she was holding and noticed a small thread hanging down from her hand with a spider clinging to the end. Apparently, she'd found a spider by the fireplace and picked it right up, but the little guy was "more scared of her than she was of him" and was trying to escape.

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