Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kendall's first 'boyfriend'

Misty and Emily have spent the past two nights at the Ronald McDonald house visiting Kristen and Traie (who had surgery for cerebral palsy), so Kendall and I have been hanging out at home by ourselves. We've spent a lot of time playing together, and it's nice to see her in the spotlight on her own for a change, without Emily vying for attention.

Kendall loves to play outside -- especially in the swing. She's also fond of dancing, playing ball, and talking about Ron, Hermione, and Harry Potter constantly. In fact, she's convinced that Ron is her boyfriend. This fixation actually stems from Emily, who has developed her own infatuation with Harry Potter. Since Kendall pretty much copies everything her big sister does, once Emily began professing her love for Harry, Kendall latched onto Ron. I think it's adorable.

Here's a video I put together of Kendall and me playing in the back yard and then taking a trip to the library. You'll hear her favorite witch and wizard friends mentioned numerous times.

Kendall plays outside

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