Sunday, July 12, 2009

A distraction when it was needed most

This one stung a bit
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With my hernia surgery scheduled for tomorrow it's likely I would have spent all day today worrying about it, were it not for a gracious invitation by Mike and Lori Ermert for our church CORE Group to spend the day at their house on Smith Lake. As such, the event happened to work out as the perfect distraction for me, and our families had a blast.

Our day began with a brief devotional, and Mike, gearing the lesson toward the kids in the group, recounted the story of Jesus walking on water. When Jesus called to him, Peter also briefly walked across the water, until doubt entered his mind and he began to sink.

"What should we learn from this?," Mike asked the group.

"Always wear a life jacket," was the response from one of the kids.

Our mini-service even included Communion. We passed around a plate containing a large wafer, each of us breaking off a tiny piece, just like during "real" church. When it got to Misty though, Kendall, who was in her lap, picked up the whole wafer and began to chow down. So Kendall had her first Communion, of sorts.

The rest of the day was filled with fun -- swimming, playing and eating plenty of good food. Kendall rode a jet ski, and eventually Emily decided she wanted to try it, too. Yet despite the prodding of the other girls her age, Emily was not about to participate in being dragged behind the boat on a float, nor would Kendall allow me to let go of her long enough for me to try it. I did jump off the top of the dock several times though. My excessive splashdowns already made me plenty sore, so maybe I won't notice too much after tomorrow's surgery.

I'm so glad our group got to spend the day together at the lake. I, for one, was getting tired of all the "young marrieds" CORE Groups showing us up with their tales of adventure in their blogs and their photo galleries on Facebook, while the activities of our "married with young children" group tend to gravitate toward the playground. Not today, though. Today we laughed and cheered as Lance Lowery went water skiing, John Lyda did the Moonwalk in midair, and all sorts of other great memories to cherish.

How ya like that, young marrieds?

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