Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Tooth Fairy is coming tonight!

It's been a busy morning already. The girls woke up around 6:30 and almost immediately had to alert me to the presence of a bug in their bathroom. As scary as they claimed it was, they both kept going in to sneak peeks at it. I went downstairs to kill it, and found that it was indeed a centipede (this kind), just as Emily had guessed.

When Misty got up, she decided to see if she could get Emily's loose tooth out. It's been wiggling ever since we made our trip to Disney World in early September. Misty got out some dental floss (or, as Kendall calls it, "foff") and proceeded to wrap it around Emily's tooth. After only a few seconds of pulling the floss back and forth, the tooth popped right out.

Knowing blood would follow, we immediately made a big show of celebration, cheering, "Hooray! The Tooth Fairy is coming tonight!" It worked, and Emily wasn't too concerned about the blood. She's really proud of her milestone.

Later today, I'm planning to take the girls out for ice cream cupcakes at SoHo Sweets to celebrate. They're participating in the "Sweet on a Cure" program this week, with 100% of proceeds going to benefit the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center.

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