Saturday, January 30, 2010

Emily the librarian

Misty's mom reads a whole lot, but she doesn't drive, so it's not unusual for her to ask us to pick out a few books for her whenever we're headed to the library. Her favorites are mysteries, so typically I'll just grab a few random books from that section. It's hard to know what to get for her because I don't know what she's read before, but she's not picky -- she'll read just about anything.

It surprised me though, when a few days ago she said to me, "Matt, that book that Emily picked out was the smuttiest thing I've read in years."

I didn't even realize that Misty had let Emily pick out a book for her grandmother, but the result turned out to be pretty funny, so you can bet that now we're going to let her do it every time.

Today when we set Emily loose at the library to select books for Misty's mom, she came back with this...
'My Life Outside the Ring' by Hulk Hogan

And this...
'And Mistress Makes Three' by Francis Ray
(chosen because it had a "yucky bellybutton" on the cover)

And this...
'The Pirates! In an Adventure with Napoleon' by Gideon Defoe

She also briefly considered a book about "Gossip Girl," but decided against it based on the following reasoning...

Emily: "Mom, can Gossip Girl fly?"

Misty: "No."

Emily: "Oh. Mimi wouldn't want this one then."

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