Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A trip to the Georgia Aquarium

Watching the fish
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We made a trip to the Georgia Aquarium this weekend since I got a pair of comp tickets for something called "Planet Shark Blogger Day." For four years since it opened, we've been wanting to go, but it just never happened -- we'd always heard it was super crowded, so we waited. Our delay didn't seem to help much, as the aquarium was still packed with people, but we were very happy to finally take the plunge.

The girls had a great time there -- even though most of the time they just bugged us about going to the playground with the whale slide. Misty and I could have spent all day there watching some of the exhibits. The huge tank with whale sharks, manta rays, etc. was our favorite. One particular manta ray named Nandi kept doing flips as if showing off for the people on the other side of the glass. We were disappointed that we missed the beluga whales, though -- they were off exhibit the day were were there.

Here's my complete write-up about the Georgia Aquarium (with video), and more photos from our visit.

After we left the aquarium, we had planned to go to Old Spagetti Factory to celebrate my birthday. Alas, when we arrived we found it boarded up with a sign on the door saying it had closed down. Bummer! It was one of our favorite restaurants. Since we were already hungry, we didn't want to spend a bunch of time looking for another suitable place to eat, so we wound up eating at a nearby Whole Foods. That turned out to be fun anyway.

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