Thursday, April 08, 2004

Bring me a beer, Gordo

I had a weird dream the other night:

Misty and I were hunting for a new apartment for her mother. Misty went to one complex while I went to another. Inside the leasing office, all the agents were busy. However, a friend of mine who lived there said he'd show me his place.

We went upstairs to his apartment where we hung out for a while. He warned me that he'd told his girlfriend that he was sick because he didn't want to see her today, and that if she caught him hanging out with one of his friends, he'd get in trouble. Upon peering out the blinds, we noticed his girlfriend's car in the parking lot. At first we thought that she might be on her way up already, but then we saw that she was still in the car, watching the apartment through binoculars.

Worried that we'd been spotted, I hurried out the door. On the way down the hall, I passed Sting, who appeared to be headed to my friend's apartment. I slapped him on the shoulder, said "what's up, Sting?" and continued on my way. Further down the hall, I passed another person whom I couldn't place, though I knew he was a famous musician. I decided he must have been another member of The Police.


I think I understand how some of the pieces fit together. My friend's girlfriend was spying on him. The Police sang "I'll Be Watching You," a song about a stalker.

Why the pieces are there in the first place, though, is a mystery to me.

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