Thursday, June 17, 2004

I'm still around

The amount of writing I do for Impending Distractions is inversely proportional to the amount of work I have to do for Get it?

The past couple of weeks have been hectic both at home and at work. At work, I've been scrambling to finish several projects at the same time. Some of them have finally begun to fall into place. The City Stages page is finished (though I'll hopefully add a photo gallery this weekend). A big Alabama Travel Guide that I've been working on for the past month finally launched today. It's not quite complete — there's a lot of fine-tuning left to do — but it was good enough to go live. The Junior Miss section is not faring as well, but hopefully it can wait until this weekend.

On top of the projects I've been working on, I've also had to pick up some of the slack on weekend news, as we're currently without any editorial interns. Believe it or not, having this much going on at once actually puts me in a good mood at work. I enjoy the rush.

At home, our houseguests finally departed yesterday. In my last post about Misty's mom, I tried to be positive or at least neutral. Then I realized: She doesn't read this. As such, I can say that the woman really drains me. She is an unabashed pessimist.

Before her surgery, she gave us an article to read about people dying in hospitals. After her surgery, she was convinced that her medicine wasn't working, that the doctors had left something inside of her, that the cancer had probably spread from her uterus to her heart, lungs, or legs, that the pharmacist gave her the wrong prescription, and that she wasn't going to be able to get into our guest bed because it was too high. While waiting to go out one day, she picked up one of Misty's baby books and began to read out loud about SIDS. Another afternoon, Misty and I came home from work, and the first thing Aunt Wanda said was "Emily gets an A+ for the day. She was so good!" The first thing Misty's mom said was, "I thought she was going to choke to death today." It's like that with everything — never a bright side.

Regardless, I am of course glad that she's getting well. I took her to get her staples removed yesterday, and the nurse told her that her biopsies showed no signs that the cancer had spread. She was amazingly upbeat about this news. The worst she could come up with was that she'd probably have to visit the hospital for some "light chemo."

Emily has also kept me occupied a lot over the past couple weeks — and not in the usual way. She's been spending less and less time screaming and more and more time smiling. It's a wonderful new trend. I'm almost ready to concede that the colic has disappeared. The problem now is that she's causing me to spend a lot of time just watching the cuteness transpire. Here are some examples...

Nothing could be more distracting than that.

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