Monday, June 28, 2004

So many hours wasted

Today is the one-year anniversary of Impending Distractions.

Time for a stroll down memory lane...

My Top 10 Favorite Posts:

1. Emily's first days
2. Publishing industry to sue libraries
3. You're missing 45% of the movie, you fools!
4. Woman escapes from mental asylum
5. Coping with colic
6. Help stamp out bathroom banter
7. Scientific testing
8. Why I hate Homewood
9. Actually, a blue whale is bigger than an elephant, but whatever
10. The night I killed myself

Other Significant Posts:

Knocked up
Calvin proposes to a witch
She's here!

This one got me inducted into the Axis of Weevil...
Alabama blogging community

These generated the most traffic from search engines...
Spongmonkeys win Grammy for Best New Artist
Marketing for Elisha

This one caught the attention of all my neighbors...
Homeowner's association meets just to spite me

This one received the most comments (other than posts about Emily)...
You've got a phone on your desk for a reason

And my favorite news story of the year...
Those wacky Gamecocks

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