Thursday, October 28, 2004

Flaming idiot

Oh, I'm so excited! I've gotten my first flamer.

If you're wondering what the hell the "Anonymous Guy" is talking about (it's not like you can discern anything from his sentence structure), read the comments of this post.

Despite what AG insinuates, I'm not trying to impress that blog's author. I'm quite happily married, so I'm not really interested in joining the dating circuit. Of course, anyone who gives a cursory glance to Impending Distractions can pretty easily discern that fact, but as trolls can't write, I suppose they can't read, either.

Rather, Jennifer is my friend and co-worker (the one with whom I auditioned for The Amazing Race). I helped her set up a blog after hearing about her experience with the It's Just Lunch people ($1,500! Can you believe that?). I thought that such stories would make for good blog fodder and that maybe she could even use her site as an avenue in her dating search. After all, most of the bloggers I've encountered are intelligent, discerning, articulate, and friendly. They've got interesting things to discuss, and they write about those things with passion.

Sorry, Jen. I forgot about the trolls. Don't let their stupidity reflect on the rest of us.

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