Tuesday, December 07, 2004


I don't think I've mentioned here before that Misty's cousin (second cousin really, but that's not the point) has been expecting a baby. There's been some tension in the family regarding the fact that she's not married to the baby's father. Misty and I weren't married either when we learned that Emily was on the way, but this situation is an entirely different convoluted mess that I have no desire to transcribe for all the world to read. Just trust me; there's been tension.

Last night as I was reading Emily her bedtime stories we got a call from Misty's family. I didn't actually talk to anyone myself — all the information I have comes second-hand from Misty, who in turn got it from her cousin's hysterical mother — so my details may be sketchy.

Yesterday, Misty's cousin took herself to the doctor because she hadn't been feeling well and she hadn't felt the baby move for a couple days. Apparently, she'd been leaking amniotic fluid, and she was told that the baby needed to come out immediately. She underwent a c-section, and 12 weeks before his due date, Traie arrived into the world. He weighed just around 2 pounds.

Traie was brought by ambulance to Montclair hospital in Birmingham where he will likely remain for a couple of months. He has been given a 40% shot at survival. His mother has not been able to hold him.

I'm not sure how I feel about the claims of "everything happens for a reason," but if that's the case I'd say the reason was this: For this family to put aside their tension and disagreements and to love each other while they can.

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