Thursday, January 13, 2005

Awaiting the iPod Fairy

OK, I've totally jumped on the get a free whatever bandwagon.

After a bit of reading, it seems that this stuff is indeed legit. So, I've signed up for a few of the offers, and I'm looking for folks who are willing to sign up under me.

It's a pretty simple process:
1. Sign up for one or more free products via the links below.
2. Complete one of the accompanying offers.
3. Convince x number of your friends to do the same thing.
4. Get your free product.

The tricky (but not too tricky) part is step 2. I recommend picking an offer that gives you a free trial for a limited time. That way, you get the credit for signing up for the offer, but you can cancel it before ever getting charged. Pretty much all of the offers will require a credit card number (except for those that are applications for credit cards themselves), but there's no need for you to ever get charged for anything, so long as you pick an offer that touts a free trial run.

Following these links will allow you to begin the process. Even if you don't want to pester your friends to sign up under you so you can get the free prize, you could at least sign up yourself to help me get them.

Free Xbox, PlayStation 2, or Game Cube
(requires 3 people)

3 free Xbox, PlayStation 2, or Game Cube games
(requires 3 people)

Free iPod Shuffle
(requires 3 people)

Free iPod
(requires 5 people)

Free iPod Photo
(requires 10 people)

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