Wednesday, January 05, 2005

This kid never gets a break

First Emily gets put in the hospital for RSV. She spends five nights there.

After a few days home recuperating, she goes in for a follow-up, and gets pinned with an ear infection.

Two weeks after the start of the whole incident, she finally returns to day care. She spends one day there, and returns home with a rash. The next day, she's sent home from day care because of said rash. They say it's probably a reaction to her ear infection medicine, but policy dictates that they have to be sure. I take her to the doctor, and she's diagnosed with Coxsackie.

This latest virus won't hurt her, but it's very contagious, so she can't return to day care. Her rash doesn't even look bad — it's just a bunch of little pinprick spots. But can't we have one week when we're not carting Emily to the doctor? The poor kid can't seem to catch a break.

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