Thursday, March 03, 2005

Slowly making progress

After a little more than a month, the status of my free iPod Shuffle has finally changed from "processing" to "sent to vendor." I'm anxious for it to arrive not only so I can play with it, but also so I can provide concrete proof to the skeptics (and even myself) that these offers really work. Maybe then I can make more headway in some of the other offers I'm participating in (see "shameless promotion" at right).

I can at least say, though, that I have received my $20 Lowe's gift card, which I paid $1 for. So even if you have so few friends that you can't find three people to sign up so you can get the free Shuffle, you can at least sign yourself up, fill out the Complete Home deal for a buck, get the $20 gift card, and cancel your membership. iPod or not, you still come out $19 ahead.

* I've completed my referrals already, so signing up via one of the above links gives credit to my mother-in-law, who is only two referrals away from getting her own free iPod Shuffle — which she will not use, but will instead give to Misty.

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