Friday, June 01, 2007

My mother-in-law's sex change

This story needs to begin a ways back, otherwise it won't make sense. Misty's mom recently finished her second round of chemotherapy treatments. Her doctor had been hoping the medicine would shrink the cancer that had reappeared, but last week her scan results showed that intstead the cancer was completely gone. This was, of course, great news. The point though, is that Misty's mom is currently bald for the most part, thanks to the chemo.

That's the prelude. Now for the story.

Emily and I were playing with our Wii yesterday afternoon, making Miis (avatars that can be used in certain games). She wanted me to make one for each of her grandparents, despite the fact that I doubt either my mother or Misty's mother will ever pick up the controller. Emily was sick though, so I humored her.

When I finished making a Mii for Misty's mom (whom I had given a hairstyle like she had before her chemo), I asked, "Does this look like Mimi?"

Emily said, "That's not her hair. She's a man now. I want her to be a girl like me."

So, apparently, for a 3-year-old, being bald makes you a man.


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