Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kendall's latest speech and communication skills

Lately Kendall has begun pairing words together to form simple phrases. It's mostly things like "Night-night, Dad" or "Bye, Mama." What's so cute is that she leaves a long pause between the words, as if she's thinking about which one comes next, so it comes out like "Bye... ... Mama." And though I didn't hear it firsthand, it made me proud when, coming home from work, I pulled my car into the garage and Kendall started clapping and saying "Dad home!" We're working on the word "please" now, and it's adorable to hear her little voice say "milk, peas."

She's at the stage where it's become pointless to keep count of how many words she knows. The list has doubled in size within the past month to more than 100 words.

This week Kendall made a couple other notable leaps in her communication skills. Misty's mom was playing a game with Emily and was counting with her eyes closed. After she got to five, Kendall piped in and said, "six." Again last night, Misty and I were counting something with Emily, and after we got to seven, Kendall jumped right in with, "eight, nine." It was as if she'd known how all along, but she had just decided to show us.

Keen on seeing what other secret knowledge Kendall was harboring, Misty paused during the prayer she says with the girls each night. "May angels watch me thought the...," Misty said, waiting. Kendall took the cue and chimed in with "night."

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