Monday, January 12, 2009

Our brains have been McWane'd

McWane Trains
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As Misty was getting ready for a Fresh Air Family event yesterday, Emily was downstairs throwing a tantrum. She'd been acting up and for whatever reason ended up being sent to her room, from where she proceeded to pound on the door and continually wail, "Can I come out yet!?" (which she began asking about 2 seconds after entering her room).

Despite the fact that Misty was the one who sent her to her room, Emily was mad at me. I'm generally the "enforcer" at home, so in her mind it's always Dad who puts a cramp in her style (her style being rambunctious).

In an effort to calm Emily down, Misty told her that if she would start acting nice, she could come along with her to Oak Mountain for the owl presentation. It worked. Emily was entranced with the plan, especially since it meant getting more mommy time without having to compete with Kendall for attention.

What she didn't know was that I had passes to the McWane Science Center, and I'd been planning to take the girls that afternoon. When I shared this news with Emily, her eyes got wide and her jaw dropped. I told her she could pick which thing she wanted to do, and her allegiance shifted. "I want to go with Daddy," she said.

Our visit to McWane was fun, as always. We got to see the new model train exhibit, which was really spiffy. Kendall's favorite is always the aquarium, so we spent a good deal of time down there. Also, this time Kendall abandoned her usual timidity regarding the "Just Mice Size" play area, and followed Emily right up into the top of the castle. We played and explored until they announced that the museum was closing. Emily declared it her "favorite place ever" and said that she wished we could live there.

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