Sunday, March 01, 2009

Snow in Alabama

Our snowman
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It's the first day of March, and it's snowing!

I'd heard news reports mention it a few times leading up to today, but I was still shocked this morning to wake up and find snow on the ground. There was a lot of it (for Birmingham, anyway) and it continued to fall heavily.

Misty and I were supposed to lead a class during children's worship today, but luckily church was cancelled, so we got to go outside and play instead. I'm sure some people will bemoan the fact that by happening on a Sunday, the snow didn't keep anyone home from school or work, but I was glad to be home playing with my kids instead of sitting in front of the computer updating the news.

The girls were, of course, thrilled about the snow. They got all bundled up for the occasion, and we headed outside. Emily immediately informed Kendall that you can eat snow, and after that Kendall wanted to do nothing more than put mittenfuls in her mouth.

Here are several pictures from our brief adventure in the snow.

As you can see, we managed to roll up enough snow in the front yard to build a snowman. It was funny watching Misty try to pack snow together by just building a pile instead of rolling it up in a ball, but she got the hang of it. We were ill prepared to decorate our frozen friend though, and we had to improvise in the construction of his expression. No corncob pipe or button nose here -- our snowman's eyes are fashioned from some candied cherries Misty found in the freezer; his nose is a cantaloupe slice; and his mouth was graciously donated by Mr. Potato Head. Even when Kendall and I went into the back yard (which was like a big, white, slushy mud puddle) to look for sticks, we couldn't find any and had to break some off the mimosa trees (they're like weeds anyway).

For some reason, both girls decided to remove their mittens after a few minutes, so it didn't take long for them to begin pleading to go back inside.

It was certainly fun while it lasted. I'm sure the snow will be gone by tomorrow -- which is perfect, I think.

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