Sunday, March 22, 2009

Two birthdays, one cake

We survived Emily and Kendall's double birthday party extravaganza without incident. There was only one meltdown, and thankfully, it wasn't from either of our girls.

I'm always uneasy about having so many people over at the house at one time, but everyone at the party seemed to enjoy themselves, and as a result, I did too.

Combining the girls' birthday parties into a single event was a genius idea from Misty. It saved us money, of course, only having to buy balloons, cake, etc. once. But it also benefitted our families in only creating one day this month that they'd have to drive in from Cullman or Atlanta.

We're likely at the last year that such a combined party will be possible, though. The girls thought it was great this time, but they'll grow out of that soon enough. Kendall was young enough this year not to realize that her party came 2½ weeks after her actual birthday (and of course, Emily wasn't going to complain that the party came two days early for her), but it wouldn't surprise me if next year Kendall balked at the idea of being put on hold. Plus, with Emily in school next year, she'll likely begin to want to invite more friends than family, so a combined party really would create too many people to handle.

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