Saturday, November 13, 2010

The holidays are here (whether you're ready or not)

We attended the Galleria's Christmas lighting ceremony last night. Unfortunately, it was a big buildup for little reward.

As expected, the Galleria food court and the balcony surrounding it above were jam-packed. We wound up with a decent spot to stand and watch, but we couldn't hear very well. It was as if the microphones weren't turned on for some of the performers. We could hear that they were speaking or singing, but we couldn't tell understand any of the words. Also, the event had promised "snow," but that turned out to be a bust -- just one little area was involved, and you couldn't even see it from where we were. The kids weren't really interested in sitting still for the whole thing, but we stuck it out.

On the fun side, Misty got us each gingerbread cookies to eat while we watched. They were really good. Afterward we rode the carousel (which has the regular animals swapped out with reindeer for the holidays) and ran into some friends from church. We also got to meet the missionary family our church sponsors in Burkina Faso, Africa, who were visiting for the week.

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