Monday, November 01, 2010

Thou shalt not trick-or-treat on a Sunday

Misty alerted me today that one of our neighbors had posted the following comment on her Facebook wall:

Our neighborhood posted a sign saying we're to Trick-or-Treat tonight from 6:00-8:00. I suppose tomorrow night we will have barricades set up at the entrance of our neighborhood with lil' old cane-wielding ladies standing guard.

That cracked me up. The thing is, the sign telling us that Halloween would be moving from Sunday to Saturday wasn't posted until Saturday morning. I spent more than 20 minutes on the phone with our neighborhood association president, explaining that you can't wait until the day of the event to let people know that it's happening (never mind the absurdity of moving Halloween in the first place) because people have already made plans.

As it turned out, trick-or-treaters at our house were about evenly spit between the two days. I really didn't care when kids wanted to come by -- I just didn't want to be told (at the last minute) when mine were allowed to participate.

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