Monday, July 16, 2012

Darth Emily

It was hard being at work today because around 11 a.m. Misty posted this photo on Facebook.

Emily hadn't been feeling well for almost a week.  She started out with a couple days of low-grade fever, but nothing to warrant getting worked up about.  From there, she progressed to a persistent cough.  She said it felt like a tickle in her throat that just wouldn't go away.  You could tell she wasn't knocking anything loose while coughing though, and she didn't have any nasal congestion.

Last night during dinner, Emily started coughing and couldn't stop.  She couldn't eat.  I sat with her on the couch for a bit just holding her and trying to help her calm down enough to relax her little lungs and get a breath.

Misty took Emily to the doctor today, and it turns out she has pneumonia.  As if that didn't make me pity her enough, I feel really bad because she had been worried about getting a shot, but I promised her there was no way she was going to need one for a cough.  She had to get two.

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