Friday, July 06, 2012

Simple family time

Tonight we had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, The Boot, and afterward we hung out on the lawn at The Preserve. It was a simple way to spend the evening that provided a lot of humor.

Emily and Kendall started out by trying to coax a squirrel out of a tree by gathering a pile of nuts. Next they had a series of races, but Kendall lost every time, even when Emily gave her a big head start, because Kendall can't figure out to run in a straight line. From there, they moved on to gymnastics -- Emily doing somersaults that looked more like attempts at headstands, and Kendall with the worst excuse for cartwheels you've ever seen (of course we cheered for everything while trying not to laugh).

When the girls started their usual routine of, "Mom... Mom... Mom... Mom...," I offered them $100 if they could catch a bird. That worked for a little while until it turned into: "Dad, how much money will you give me if I can lift this rock?" ... "How about if I can rip this tree out of the ground?"

At that point, we realized our relaxing time had come to an end. It's probably for the best. The entire time we were there, two little girls across the street kept screaming "Be quiet!" at us over and over again, even though we weren't really making any noise. I don't know what their problem was.

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