Monday, May 31, 2004

Holiday weekend: part 2

Today was Misty's last day before she returns to work from maternity leave. I also had the day off, so we tried to pack in as much adventure as we could. Unfortunately, Emily was fussy in the morning, so we weren't able to get going for a while. We'd planned to go to the Alabama Jubilee again, this time with Misty's cousins, but both of them ended up cancelling. Since it was raining and we'd just been to the festival two days earlier, we figured heading to Decatur again was a bad idea, so we scrambled looking for something else to do.

When we finally escaped the house, we went to Best Buy. Misty had bought a CD there a couple weeks earlier that Circut City had advertised $4 less today. Best Buy will refund the difference if you find the same product advertised cheaper within 30 days of your purchase, so we got a little money back. They'll also honor competitor's prices, so since Circuit City had all their CDs regularly priced $10.99-$13.99 on sale for $10, we pilfered Best Buy's far superior selection of music.

With Pete Yorn and Maroon 5 coming through the car stereo, we returned to Cullman, since Aunt Wanda had already planned to watch Emily again for the day, and we didn't want to disappoint her.

Misty and I had earlier discussed at length our following predicament. Where were we going to go next? We'd just been to Huntsville and Decatur. Chattanooga was too distant a drive. And it seemed crazy to turn around and drive right back to Birmingham. We ended up opting for Huntsville. We went to the movies and saw "The Day After Tomorrow," then had dinner at O'Charley's. If that doesn't sound like an exciting date to you, that's because you don't have a two-month-old baby with colic. I know it sounds crazy that we made a 200-mile round trip for dinner and a movie, but it was worth it. We had fun on our date, and we enjoyed a rare opportunity to talk on the drive.

Emily was reported to have had another good day. There were even claims that she had a bath without crying. I'm not about to believe that, but Aunt Wanda can make up whatever stories she wants if she's enabling us to take a break.

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