Friday, May 28, 2004

She loves me, she loves me not

In the ongoing battle of Emily vs. Dad and the bottle, last night's feeding went remarkably well. We sat outside in the swing and Emily drank one ounce of milk with zero ounces of fuss. After finishing her bottle, she continued to chew and suck on it for 15 minutes or so. I know you're not supposed to let a baby suck on an empty bottle, but I didn't want to do anything to risk disturbing the tranquility. Emily fell asleep hugging my chest, and we sat outside until the dogs started to get really antsy for dinner.

Unfortunately, the quiet didn't last. Misty was out getting her hair done and had told me to expect her back in about an hour and a half. Because she was planning to be gone for such a short time, I assumed the single bottle with only one ounce of milk would carry us through. Things didn't go as planned, however.

Apparently, pregnancy can do something weird to a woman's hormones causing hair coloring to go awry. Misty encountered this problem last night at the salon. The stylist tried to undo the orange that she'd just added to Misty's hair by applying blonde highlights. It sort of worked. But Misty ended up being gone for more than twice her estimated time. Emily was not amused, and for more than an hour, and at great volume, she told me about how miserable life was without her mother.

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