Monday, December 05, 2005


On the day before Thanksgiving, one of Emily's classmates celebrated a birthday. The mother sent cupcakes to share with the other kids. Blue cupcakes. With blue icing.

This was the scene when Emily arrived home.

And that's after she'd been washed.

The next day, all the family had to crowd around and stare at Emily's blue butt when whoever was changing her exclaimed, "Oh my God! Look at this diaper!" I won't show you the picture Misty took of it.

Apparently, Emily's wasn't the only one in her class to be afflicted. When I filled out her daily report sheet on Friday, I wrote "blue bottom" in the blank for any new injuries, symptoms, or conditions. When I got the sheet back at the end of the day, the teacher had responded by writing, "everybody."

It took about four scrubbings in the bath before all the blue came off.

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