Saturday, December 31, 2005

Chef in training

Misty called to tell me that she made spinach dip this morning. And that Emily helped.

Apparently, Emily's role in the process was to stir the dip. When I heard this, I immediately asked: "How much landed on the floor?"

"None got on the floor, miraculously enough," Misty told me. "But she did get some on her hands and proceeded to fling them around and cry as if the dip was burning her."

That didn't sound too bad.

Misty continued: "Then at one point, I turned around and she was sticking a huge spoonful of mayonnaise in her mouth, and she shuddered."

"... And then I turned away for a second to put something in the sink, and when I looked back, she was stirring the dip with her pen for the AquaDoodle."

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