Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Emily's first dance recital

Emily's proud moment
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Emily's big dance recital was this weekend. Months of practice at Corky Bell Dance Studio led up to a grand two minutes on stage at the BJCC Concert Hall dressed as a dalmatian and dancing to "How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?," and she loved it.

If you watch the video below, you can see that Emily is always a step behind the other girls, watching them for cues on what to do next. I'd seen her rehearse in the same fashion during class and worried that she'd be embarassed by her lack of rhythm when it came time for the show, but she was so happy to be on stage. She'd been saying that she wanted to move from dance to gymnastics, but after this weekend, she says she wants to stick with dance.

I'm so proud of Emily -- not for her skills, but for the fact that she got up on stage and performed with no reservations, and had fun doing it.

I'm also proud of Kendall. We knew ahead of time that Emily's dance number was going to be near the end of the show, and since Misty had to sit in the balcony with Emily, I was going to have Kendall on the main level. But even with about two hours worth of program in front of the one we were waiting for, Kendall sat calmly and quietly and watched. In fact, she loved it. She clapped after every dance number and even started to sing along to The Beatles' "Let It Be" (a song she's never heard before, to my knowledge). Most of the time, Kendall sat in my lap and didn't want to move.

Emily got a rose from Misty's mom after her performance, which made her very proud. Later on we celebrated with lunch at Iguana Grill, and Misty had the maƮtre d' bring her a boquet.

When things finally settled down, we headed out to Atlanta to visit my parents for the weekend. Emily left her makeup on all day, which of course led Kendall to demand her own makeup. It was a day of constant cuteness.

Here are more pictures from Emily's recital and the video of her performance. In the video, she's the second girl from the left.

Corky Bell Spring Dance Recital - 'Doggie in the Window'

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