Friday, May 22, 2009

High school mascotts

I drove the girls over to Misty's mom's house this morning on my way to work so that Misty could lead a Fresh Air Family event for a group of students from Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School.

On the way out of our neighborhood, Emily noticed a couple boys standing at the corner, and she informed me, "They're waiting for the bus to go to school."

"Yes," I replied. "They go to McAdory" (at least, I hope to go to McAdory -- I've seen them smoking several times, and I'd hate to think they were starting that nonsense while still in elementary school). "That's the high school with the big yellow jacket on it, so they're the Yellow Jackets," I told her.

"Why are they the Yellow Jackets?," Emily wanted to know.

"Because that's their school mascott," I told her. "If they went to Hoover, they'd be the Bucaneers. A bucaneer is like a pirate."

Emily: "I don't like pirates."

Me: "Good, because you're zoned for McAdory, so you'll be a Yellow Jacket."

Emily: "I think I'd rather be a princess."

Me: "I'm pretty sure there aren't any high schools whose mascott is The Princesses."

Emily: "Oh! I know a high school! ... High School Musical."

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