Saturday, August 18, 2012

Drenched - but not by the rain

To commemorate the end of summer vacation we hoped to have a fun night out for dinner, but things didn't go as planned.  In fact, it was pretty much a disaster.

Since all of us love Mugshots, we headed there for burgers.  Upon arriving, we were warned there would be about an hour wait.  No big deal -- we expected as much on a Saturday night, and we'd left home early for just that reason.  Unfortunately, it was raining, so killing an hour outside the restaurant wasn't easy, but we managed.  We wandered around the Vestavia Hills City Center under the cover of umbrellas, and after an hour our buzzer lit up right on schedule.

As I mentioned, Mugshots was crowded, and the rain drove most of the people who were waiting for tables onto the covered patio.  We got seated on the patio.  There were so many people out there that we essentially had to yell to hear one another at our table.  People waiting were hovering all around us, so it wasn't a very relaxed setting.

But the real calamity came a few minutes later.  As our server brought out our drinks, he spilled a large glass of ice water on top of Emily's head.  She didn't just get wet -- she got drenched.  Her hair, her glasses, her shirt, and her pants were all soaked.  It was horrible.

Emily was so embarrassed, and she started crying.  The waiter ran off to get her a towel, but there was no way that was going to dry her off.  Misty asked her if she wanted to leave, and Emily nodded yes.  I scooped her up to carry her to the car and it became immediately apparent that she was also freezing.

On the way home we hit the drive-thru at Captain D's to get the girls something to eat (luckily, they thought this was a real treat).  By the time we got home, Emily was fine.  She asked Misty if she was going to tell her friends at work about what happened and offered, "You can if you want to."  She may have been acting OK, but it was obvious she was still hoping for some sympathy.  She certainly earned it.

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