Monday, August 20, 2012

First day of school

They both look happy in the picture, but don't let that fool you.  Only Emily was excited (though still a little nervous) about the first day of school.

Much like yesterday, Kendall was none too happy to be going to kindergarten.  As we led the girls into the gym to line up with their respective classes, she sat there with an angry look and refused to even give Misty a hug.

I did notice her chatting with the girl next to her in line a bit (someone she'd already met this summer at the pool), so that was a bit of a relief, but even when they got to their classroom Kendall still wasn't going to give up her grumpy attitude.

Of course Misty was already teary-eyed about our girls growing up so fast, so Kendall's stand-offish behavior didn't help.  Maybe she was nervous and this was just her way of dealing with it.

After saying goodbye to our brand new 3rd grader and kindergartener, Misty and I went to work out at the Y, had lunch at Saw's BBQ, and went shopping for new running shoes.

By the time we returned to pick the kids up, everything had changed.  Kendall immediately told us that she had a great time at school.  She talked about new friends she'd made and activities they'd done in class.  She's even excited about going back tomorrow.  Emily had a great day too, but that was no surprise -- she's always enjoyed school.

As tradition dictates, we celebrated with cups of flavored ice.  All is well.

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