Thursday, September 06, 2012

Emily's summer gardening project

Emily has been gardening this summer, growing grape tomatoes and sunflowers.  Every day she's been diligent about watering, pruning dead leaves, and and making sure the plants have adequate support.

This week a few of her tomatoes finally began turning red, and Emily has been super excited -- enough that she even ate some last night.  This is significant because she doesn't actually like tomatoes.  Nevertheless, she was willing to eat them if they were chopped up and mixed in with the meat in our tacos.  Not that they would have added any significant flavor -- the seven or eight tiny tomatoes we picked could have fit in a single mouthful.  But Emily was excited anyway.

Now she's planning a tomato business because she's sure she's going to grow more than our family can possibly consume.  She's also planning on bring some to all our relatives.  I hope they're not very hungry.

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