Sunday, September 02, 2012

Splashing until the sun goes down

Three weeks ago, we visited the fancy new dog park in Alabaster where canines can run through fountains and hoops of water.  As it turns out, Gardendale actually has such a park designed for little humans instead of dogs, and tonight we joined some friends there so our kids could all play in the water.

On the way to the park, Emily mentioned sometimes wanting to fly up above the clouds to touch the sky.  However, Kendall, with her vast wisdom, explained that this notion was impossible.

"You can't touch the sky," she explained.  "It's like clouds.  You'd go right through it.  The blue part is just like a bunch of blue clouds at the top."

She's a budding scientist -- I know.

The water park was a lot of fun.  We cracked up at a little boy who was oblivious to the fact that his bathing suit kept slipping down to reveal half of his bare bottom, and cringed as a brother and sister learned the hard way that wet concrete doesn't work the same as a Slip-and-Slide.

The kids went back and forth between the splash pad and the playground, frolicking until the sun went down.  The adults were happy just watching our kids be kids.

(Look closely to see Asher's photo bomb in the picture above.)

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