Monday, July 14, 2003

I was in a traffic accident today. Those little insurance cards specify that you should never admit fault, but I think it's safe to reveal here that it was my fault. I stopped at what I thought was a four-way stop, waited for a car to pass, then drove forward.

It wasn't a four-way stop, though — it was a two-way stop.

I remember Misty yelling, "Watch out! Watch out!" Then I barely registered a collision.

Since I had been accelerating from a stop, I think I'd only worked my speed up to about 2 miles per hour when I hit. The other driver had also slowed down quite a bit because at first, (as she told me later) she too thought the intersection was a four-way stop.

I hit her car on the rear passenger-side wheel. There was very little damage to my car — just a lot of smudging/scraping on the front bumper. The other car took more of the impact, it seems. I don't know much about car lingo, so I don't want to use the wrong word to describe what was bent, but it was dented/bet somewhat around the wheel. The driver also said she'd had a bit of trouble getting it to turn into the parking lot after the collision, so I assume there's more then just cosmetic damage.

The important part: No one was even slightly hurt. I am fine. Misty is fine. The other driver is fine.

We called the police and filled the accident report, and went on our way. I'm glad the other driver wasn't angry. Or, at least, she didn't act angry. She just said, "that's what insurance is for." I only wish I felt as nonchalant. It was my first accident and my car is only a few months old, so I'm a little shaken. I'll be fine, though. I have San Diego to look forward to in two days.

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