Monday, July 14, 2003

There's a lot I've been meaning to write about here over the past few days, and more things keep coming up. With my vacation a mere two days away, I'm doing a hit and run on topics that I want to catch up on.

I'm finally in my new office. Not the new new office, but rather, the new temp office. If you can't keep up, don't worry — neither can most of the staff. Anyway, both the Huntsville and Birmingham offices of will soon be merging and moving to the Martin Biscuit Co. Building in Pepper Place. Until then, I am taking up space in the Dr. Pepper Building next door. Other than the occasional company from Ryann (the news intern), I've got the place to myself. I'm in a third-floor office with my desk next to the window, overlooking the Birmingham cityscape. I can even see Vulcan off to the left. It's really nifty here. Alas, I'll only get to stay for a couple months before I'm herded into pens with the rest of the cattle. In the meantime, I'm savoring this setup.

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