Thursday, July 10, 2003

Misty and I have been expressing our frustrations over our slow, dial-up connection at home. Why am I suddenly having a problem with this, I wonder? I never felt the urge to sign up for DSL or cable access before. I've had dial-up for years at home (and on a much slower computer, no less) and until now, it's served my purposes just fine. Granted, I have discovered the joys of file sharing lately, and it's no longer a "quick trip" over to my office if I want to use a fast connection for a while. Ultimate Josh points out that Huntsville is a more tech-oriented city than Birmingham, too. He thinks that dial-up is probably faster in Huntsville because everyone there has cable access and the dial-up lines are less congested.

I think, maybe, I'm finally learning to appreciate this medium that's employed me for the past five years. That's not to say that I didn't appreciate it until now, though. I used to believe that the Internet was a bunch of hype — a fad that would pass — but I grew to enjoy it, and I have enjoyed it for years. However, I've realized that it's more than just another entertainment source. It's more than something I simply enjoy. The Internet has become an almost essential part of my life.

Just this weekend (and here, as I often do, I'm referring to Tues/Wed as the weekend) I used the Internet to: pay my mortgage (when I didn't get the paper statement in the mail on time), check my credit card statement (and apply my Discover Cashback Bounus Award to my account — woo!) download music, plan the itinerary for my vacation, check my flight departure times, search for an obscure item on eBay (found it, too), talk to far-away friends on instant messenger, keep up with other friends through their blog entries, and, of course, write in my own blog.

With all this, I don't think the 24Kbps speed we're currently averaging from home is going to cut it.

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